Your Friendly Neighborhood Frozen Yogurt Shop

Twist In A Dish offers a selection of fun desserts

When our founder began her independent business, she knew that she loved two things: Great customer service and frozen yogurt. Chain shops all offered the same flavors in the same neon-plastered room-where was the fun? Where was Flint? With the flair of our city and our local businesses, Twist In A Dish was born.

With our '50s-style retro shop and our 3,300 sq. ft. party space, Twist In A Dish is a family-friendly establishment that fits right in with the community. Join our frequent customer club, and you'll earn rewards just for being part of our family.

We make it easy to support small businesses

We make it easy to support small businesses

Twist In A Dish is dedicated to helping small businesses like ours thrive in Flint, MI. When you support local businesses:

  • You strengthen Flint's entrepreneurial spirit
  • You support someone's livelihood
  • You give back to your community
By partnering with other local shops, Twist In A Dish offers seasonal flavors and ingredients, along with other fun dessert options.

Now Open!

Check out the photos below to see how far we've come!